Digital Portfolios

Laconia School District Artifact Requirement2015-2016:
Align district portfolios to reflect age appropriate ISTE Skills ensuring mastery of ISTE Standards
K: 2 digital artifacts & reflections
Grades 1-5: 4 digital artifacts & reflections per grade level
Elem. Specialist: 1 digital artifact & reflection at 1 grade level
LMS Exploratory: 1 digital artifact & reflection at self-selected grade level at 1 grade
LMS: 2 digital artifacts & reflections per core subject, per grade level 6 & 7

1 digital artifact & reflection per subject in 8th grade, compile portfolio with students and review portfolio to assess if ICT competencies have been met based on developed rubric.
Increase 8th grade ICT competencies by 10%

Student Statement:

  • First and last name, grade level, and teacher name, date
  • Reflection response should address content of lesson
  • Response should be written using grade level appropriate language, vocabulary and writing skills
  • Reflection and artifact should be stored in grade level folder on student portfolio site

Teacher instructions to access/follow student portfolio sites:

PLC Presentation - Reflective Writing for the Digital Portfolios

NHDOE-ICT Literacy



All artifacts should follow uniform file naming- here is an example:
Artifact Filename: Electricity-Sci-2,4,5 (Topic-Subject-ICT standards met)
Reflection Filename (if there is a separate reflection document):
Electricity-Sci-Reflection (Topic-Subject-Reflection)
Artifact Filename: Fairytales-LA-1,3,5 (Topic-Subject-ICT Standard met)
Reflection Filename (if there is a separate reflection document): Fairytales-LA-Reflection

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