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HUOT - January 20, 2017
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Office 365 Fall 2016

August 30, 2016
My Learning Plan and Office 365 Training for all! Whether you are new to MLP and Office 365 or just have questions, these sessions are for you. Office 365 has had many updates and new features added. Office 365 PD will continue to be offered throughout the year.
These trainings will be listed in MLP soon. Sign up and join us at any of these sessions!
Here is a list of upcoming trainings-
My Learning Plan
Office 365
September 22 – 2:15
October 6 – 2:15
September 23 – 7:30
September 30 – 7:30
September 21 – 2:35
September 28 – 2:35
September 15 – 3:30
September 29 – 3:30
September 21 – 3:30
September 28 – 3:30
September 7 – 3:30
October 5 – 3:30

Jeff Twombly, Network Manager:
Karen Switzer, Technology Integration Facilitator:

Custom Guide - Microsoft Office Cheat Sheets

Microsoft Office 2013 Quick Start Guides

August 24, 2015

There are many exciting updates in Microsoft Office 365!
Watch your email for dates of upcoming trainings in all buildings, after the start of school.

March 18, 2015 - Spring Technology Conference
March 5, 2015 - SAU Staff
Microsoft OneNote onenotepic.PNG

  • Let's check in - who has used Microsoft OneNote?
  • Digital notebooks
  • File management
  • Notebook - Quick Notes/OneNote Basics
  • How do we start? - Let's watch Create your first OneNote 2013 Notebook
  • Create a notebook in Office 365
  • What's next?

Create your first OneNote 2013 notebook

OneNote 2013 training courses, videos and tutorials

Make the switch to OneNote 2013

March 18, 2015 - Spring Technology Conference
February 17, 2015 - SAU Staff

Session notes

September/October 2014

Training Notes

Survey link

June 2014
Office 365 End of year training agenda and tips

Custom Guide - Cheat Sheets:

Agenda - August 20, 2013
Quick Start Guide - Store and share documents
Quick Start Guide - Store and share documents on a team site
Mail and Calendar information-

Video explaining SkyDrive (created by a student in GB)-

SharePoint tutorials-

Microsoft resource page-

Frequently Asked ?????

Remember to check the HELP feature in O365 - it offers some great information!

Will I be able to use O365 on my iPad?
Yes, O365 will work on iPads - except for iPad 1

Is spellcheck in O365 Outlook?
Yes, A red line will appear under any misspelled works in Outlook. In order to have access to this feature, Internet Explorer 10 is needed.

I have many pages of files in SkyDrive. How do I move files from one page to another or into a folder on another page?
We have the option to create our own views in SkyDrive.
Follow these steps to create a view that will allow you to see more files on one page. This will allow you to organize your files into folders.
Let's get started:
  • In SkyDrive - select Library/Create View/Standard
  • Name your view and your audience
  • Select the + next to Item Limit (near the bottom on the left)
  • Change the Number of items to display from 30 to 300 (or whatever # you feel will best suit your needs)
  • Select OK at the bottom
  • You will now see more than one view option in your SkyDrive. Picture below shows 2 views - All(standard default) or movefiles (new view created). Select the view you wish to use. You may switch between views at any time. Remember whenever you see ... it means more options - in this case, create view is also an option this way, too.

I still can't drag file and folders where I need them to go, is there another way to do organize my documents?
Yes. We are in the process of updating the computers and installing software that will allow us to use the Windows Explorer.
Here are those steps the IT Dept. will handle-
Update to Internet Explorer 10
Add SharePoint to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer: While in O365 select the gear in Internet Explorer/Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites/SharePoint should appear/select Add/Ok (This only needs to be done once)
A Hot Fix needs to be installed.
Follow the instructions above for your home computer. A link to the Hot Fix will be posted soon.

Once steps are completed here is how to access Windows Explorer in SkyDrive:
Select the Library tab-
Select Open with Explorer
A new window appears. You can now rename, delete, add by copying or dragging files, and move files into folders.

Click here to view a short video(1min49sec)-
You probably noticed that this view is very similar to our old x-drive view. Once your computer is updated you will be able to organize your files and folders!! - special note: delete empty folders once back in SkyDrive.

How can we access our files in SkyDrive, while at the same time keep our Outlook open?
Once signed into O365 you will be in Outlook. You may then right click on the tabs - Newsfeed, SkyDrive or Sites and select - Open in new tab. You are then able to work in both applications by switching tabs.

How do I rename a file or folder?
To rename a folder: select ... (more) next to folder name/it will bring up another box/select .../select edit properties/rename folder/click Save. The same instructions would apply to a file.
rename folder.JPG