Laconia School District Spring Technology Conference 2016 - at the Laconia Middle School

March 16, 2016

Registration opens February 5, 2016
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Conference Schedule
3:30-4:00 Check in & snack
4:00-4:15 Keynote - LMS 8th Grade Team: Creativity, Collaboration, and Transformation: The 1:1 Classroom
4:20-5:10 Breakout session #1
5:10-5:50 Dinner (Sal's pizza and salad)
5:55-6:45 Breakout session #2
6:45-7:00 Closing & Raffle (...must be present to win)

If you have questions, contact Karen - or your Technology Council Representative.

March 16, 2016 * 3:30 p.m.- 7 p.m.
Registration Fee: $ 35.00
(Open to ALL District Staff * P.D. funds can be used)
Register by March 3rd 6th in My Learning Plan
Register Early to ensure your 1st or 2nd choice of breakout sessions.
First 25 registrants will receive a gift (...must be present at closing).
New This Year: Bring a Friend
Have a friend that works in another district that would like to attend? - now’s the time to invite them.
This year attendees can invite a guest to attend, guests can register using the registration link on our Tech Integration Wiki. Spread the word and bring a friend!

Session #
Presenter Name
Title of Workshop
ISTE Standard
Session Description
Grade Level
Skill Level
Session Type
Liz Rosenfeld
Using Transmedia to Learn - PBS Kids
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Learn about the PBS Digital Media teacher tool.This tool makes it easy to create engaging student assignments, personalize learning and track student progress using images, narratives, PBS or You Tube video and/or audio content.The workshop will focus on ready-made lessons as well as the tools available for you to create original lessons and assessments.The tool helps students learn to work through a series of screeens and to read, watch and write along the way

Whiney McCallum Sonya Roberts
Digital Sub Plans
Communication and Collaboration
With the increasing number of professional development trainings and opportunities comes and increase in the number of sub plans you may have to write.During this session, we will show you how to make those days, when you have to be out of your classroom, effective and full of the learning you want your students to be doing.You will use an HP Stream, iPad or other device with a camera to film a lesson.You will then be guided in making a YouTube channel and taught how to upload your videos.

Jess Roberts
Leanne Keller
Using One Note to Bridge Technology and Literacy
Communication and Collaboration
In this session, the presenter will show how to use One Note as a way for students to show knowledge of learning in both an individual and collaborative way.

Peg Tetreault Leann Keller Jill Puchasz
1:1 Casual Forum

Roundtable and open question/answer forum on the implementation and classroom transformation of the 8th Grade 1:1 initiative.

Mitzi Tucker
Get Moving!
Technology Operations and Concepts
Now's the time to get moving, in this session we will share movement apps that you could use at home or with your students in the classroom.Come and check out the apps students are asking for and easily integrate movement into your life.

Toni Manning
Office 365 Spring Cleaning
Technology Operations and Concepts
In preparation of warmer weather, spreing cleaning comes to mind. Most of us will be clearning out our closets, throwing away old things, finding new places to store other things, and organizing our space. This year let's tackle a new kind of spring cleaning. In this session we will learn how to: create folders, move documents into different work areas/folder, delete documents, upload, and much more. During our time together we will organize your workspace online, so you can start fresh this spring.Bring your laptop and let's get cleaning

Wendy Hills
Unplugged - Mindfulness
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Mindulness Unplugged - No computers, No cellphones, No interruptions.Sounds wonderful doesn't it?Joining me in this session will allow you to unplug and experience the positive effects of mindfulness.You will engage in three different techniques that you can use throughout your day and then teach to your students.As an added bonus, you will be provided with "flipped activities" for your students.A time to unwind, a time for you, a time to quiet the mind.

Shannon Seigler Lindsay Middleton
Tweet-tastic Educators: Expanding Your PLN and Classroom
Communication and Collaboration
"Educators will learn how to use Twitter to create a global professional learning network, offer extension opportunities for students, and model responsible digital citizenship.Participants will examine teacher accounts and review free resources, student work, and ready-to-use lessons.
The culminating activity will be the creation of a cache of tweet-worthy classroom ideas to showcase student work and interests."

Carleen Steckert
Cath Mallinson
Using YouTube and Educanon: For the Flipped Classroom
Research and Information Fluency
Teachers will learn how to use a YouTube video and the website Educanon to pre-teach, reinforce and or review learning.As students watch video, they will answer teacher made questions that have been embedded into the video.The Educanon program allows teachers to score answers and record percentages.Interested teachers must bring a class list, headphones, and a possible list of content relevant video clips to use. Google Chrome browser needed.

Donna-Marie Gamlin
Technology Operations and Concepts
Students created computer programs that help them learn to collaborate with others, develop
problem solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. By the end of the course, students create
their very own game or story to share with others.

Laurie Hale
Planbook:Create, Share, and Store your Planning Online
Technology Operations and Concepts
Learn to use for your lesson plans.

Karen Abraham
Noodle Tools: Citation Program
Research and Information Fluency
The high school will be switching over to NoodleTools starting in the fall of 2016.This will be a great opportunity to learn the new program, as students will be using it for research in several classes.

Rebekah Gonzalez
Excel: Management, Data and Organization
Research and Information Fluency
Excel is an amazing tool to use to organize and manage information as well as to collect and analyze data.In this session I will share quick solutions to help use Excel efficiently and aid participants in creating worksheets that fit their needs. We will also use Excel in Office 365.

Wendy Hills
Unplugged - Mindfulness
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
Mindfulness Unplugged-No computers, No cellphones, No interruptions.Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Joining me in this session will allow you to unplug and experience the positive effects of mindfulness. You will engage in three different techniques that you can use throughout your day and then teach to your students. As an added bonus, you will be provided with “flipped activities” for your students. A time to unwind, a time for you, a time to quiet the mind.